︎     Lee Noble     MCAD MFA 2020     
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Influenced by actual events involving a political assassination at an airport, LOL is multi-channel video work that functions as a meditation on surveillance, voyeurism, and the mediation of information. Its images have been copied and distilled through layers of the internet, and then recreated and transmogrified as they filtered through my process of examination.

Directed by
Lee Noble & Anna Tes

Choreography by
Jasmine Lin

Cinematography by
Annie Fuentes

Produced by
Anna Tes & Lee Noble

Hair & Make-up
Megan Sutherland
Kati Polanco

Set Photography
Gabrielle Messineo

Set Decorator
Gabrielle Messineo

Editing by
Lee Noble & Anna Tes

Coloring by
Anna Tes

Additional Photography by
Lee Noble
Olive Midori Kimoto

Juli Odomo

Christopher Wu

Stella Hartmann
Tiara Jackson
Maddy Lim
Jenny Kwak
Alexa Kwang
Mya Dodson
Odessa Uno
Ysa Calderon
Alexandra Truman
Annie Lee

Music by
Christopher Farstad
Lee Noble
Alexander Babbitt
Olive Midori Kimoto

Thanks to
Sam Hoolihan
Joe Smith
Ben Severns
Sarah Petersen
Ellie Kevorkian
Don Porcella
Ellen Mueller
Marly Halpern-Graser

Josie Campbell

Photographed in Los Angeles, CA
© 2020